Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fraction Anthem

(When pressed
I side with the ardent
over the adamant)

---Paul Klee's Hand Puppets
---Alexander Calder's Tiny Circus
---Emerging Problems in Particle Phenomenology
---Emily Wilson's Micrographia
---Robert Walser's Microscripts
---Laundry Loads: Lights, Coloreds, Darks, Delicates, Permanent Press

(Then snap, some
guns' reports
spun loose from
the shimmery

"Anzio Annie & The Popcorn Man"

When we say stillness we
really mean the earth
's spinning and hurtling
's so near-perfect that
we can't acknowledge
as much verbally because
we don't feel it. Still, it's
not an illusion; it's virtual.
The bright wire nail you
stand upside-down on
its head really will stay
that way for a long, long

(We Were Looking At
Flowers In The Flower

This morning the news
reported that a man had
been arrested for burning
his small daughter with
hot water. The man said
he did this because the girl
kept interrupting him
while he was playing video

(I just wrote 'tine'
instead of 'time')

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Living Arrangements

Attempted Speech-Act

The necessary things reverse lead the near necessary things and shows that how its impact to their life.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Excerpts from L. Hejinian's Intro to Best American Poetry, 2004

What is best in American poetry is, finally, all of it, in all its modes and moods and themes and divagations. It is written and published against the logics dominating the times, and it flourishes---

The evaluations entailed, however, are variously motivated and variously contextualized...a history, but one that is heuristic in character, self-reflexive, arbitrarily completed annually, and always ongoing...(The necessity of querying and opposing one's "tastes")...

Powerful and engaged counters to the doleful state of the year...
Aggressive and/or overtly defiant works...
Fantasies (though not escapist ones) of alternatives...
Dislogical poems and dialogical ones...
Poems in which quixotic pathos is revolutionized into play...
Strange cosmological positives produced at unexpected points of encounter...

Art is all about living...
[poetry's] sources of energy
(it's virtues) are not frozen in
perfection but flow through
time as consciousness
and question.

It is precisely that kind of "bestness'---the common good of being lively---that I hope...

...a picaresque adventure...across innumerable sites and through diverse situations...This is a good is rich in experiences and full of reality, full of world...

Reality, of course, always
exceeds even the best poems; there
is always more world than a writer
can create, or represent, or speak
of, or, even, reject.

...poetry is often fascinated by the unknown, which is often full of meaning. // Encounters with meaning (and with it, the sense of meaningfulness) bring with them the emotion of making sense, i.e., of discovering sense or, sometimes and with a stronger emotion, of having created sense. inventive and activist role rather than a passive and consumerist one...

What interests
the artist is the working---
the interested living, not the dis-
interested spectatorship.

The desire that propels poetry propels us away from our "possessions" and forth into the world, replete with reality...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fraction Anthem

Bestow commotion, reclamatory leer, bravado currency---

The half-rubbed-off
bit of gold leaf on my
plastic watchface tells
me what time it is,,,

When I step close
to the rotting thing, a
dozen flies explode up
and out into a dozen
respective fugue-spirals,,,

Cotton sheets and pillow-
cases can get hot enough
in a commercial dryer
to burn your fingertips,,,

The gingko trees on
our block have fruited
into full green now
they wave and shimmy
they know we're moving
they're cutting us
no kind of slack,,,

Little use
that that
shirk was
due in no
small part: