Sunday, March 28, 2010

Partial Inventory of James Castle's Imaginarium

Picture-head boy & hand-face girl

Girl in tan coat w/ gable or landscape face

Two unidentified forms in landscape

Dresser-head man in tan coat & blue hat

Woman w/ wheel feet

Pig-head boy & girl

Girls in purple plaid dresses w/ landscaped heads on bench outdoors

Boy in tan coat & hat w/ blue word-fragment face

Girl in gray dress w/ collaged printed paper bicycle-wheel head

['This little book may help you add years to your life']

Book-head man

Woman flying toward wagon

Five dolls on top of piano

Cat-head woman in purple dress

Chair-head man w/ chair legs

Chair w/ round buttons

Jacket w/ round buttons

Five jackets laid out

Unidentified dark object, w/ shoelace


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wham-O's name for it
he deemed "a horror." ('To fly, flip
away backhanded.')

Friday, March 12, 2010

“Axe me what?”

quite the flared whisk, or mis-
aligned features,
the face, I mean, lavable…
Trim the wake,
and wings—remember—
are also for braking…

The Small Thing

A Small Thing lies down
at the edge of an old oak tabletop.
Don't do it, Small Thing, say both
heads of the two-headed ghost
who owns the table. The Small
Thing rolls over anyway
and falls to the floor with a sharp
'clack.' Before they have time to
get upset, the ghost-heads do
some magic and restore
the Small Thing to its place
on the tabletop. But when they
turn around to dust off
a different wooden table that
they also own, the Small Thing
cuts its wrists and its neck
wide open, and a milky fluid spills
out in gushes. When the two-headed
ghost hears the dripping sounds
and finds both the Small Thing and
their oak table ruined beyond
repair, then it does get upset.
Both heads cry and cry and cry.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Senryu

There's a mild shame when
you're singled out for having
been scarce of late, no?

(I rub some mucous
into a little fresh cut
to see if it burns.)

Q: How accurate
is that Dickinsonian
fire-arm? A: Pretty.

(No tonic like the
thigh-struck clamor of a fuck-
it-all tambourine.)

Whiz-kid's still harping
on that ol' over-/under-
"ripeness is all" tip.

More and more I’ve learned
to let evaporation
do the work for me.

Thanks, sister, for those
red silicone tongs; they pinch
so beautifully.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


German word for "orderly"
(Materialism vs. Idealism, re. 'reality')

places a
drag on the forward

we take a
pleasure in gent-
ly frustrated


remedial hiatuses
A-minus animus


From Eve:
Questions that attach to every texture,
every time it's encountered:
1) How did it get that way?
2) What could I do with it?

Things to remember when making a beautiful thing:
1) Someone somewhere has already made a version of what you're making, but his or her version, you will discover, is much more beautiful and accomplished than yours.
2) The people close-by you don't so much care about that someone else, whose name conjures no person; they are waiting with a special directed attention, in good faith, for just the thing that you will bring forth.

The Make-Over as trope

Stipples & stipulations