Thursday, May 28, 2009


exists at once in a future-past
and in a variety of temporal modes

fluid time set free from linearity

an open space that is motile
and multidimensional

multiple orders...multiple forms

mappings, cosmic calculations, flowering of the world, corrosiveness, desire, wonder

folds and fields of the actual

complex, wondrous, strange, blooming, polyvalent

quantum folds, deep space, mischievous orbits, all-ocean worlds, seismic tremors,

quirky thorn-opals
jeweled delight

traversing all manner of __________

tended, tucked

spacetime stimulant

Eye Dialect

-is a visual contrivance in which conventional orthography is modified to indicate dialectical deviations from the phonological system of the standard language.

-is a casual or colloquial speech which often characterizes an individual as belonging to the lower socio-economic stratum of society...a particular minority group.

-may convey both social and geographical information.


Verbs: 'occurents'
Nouns: 'existents'

What becomes of or issues from
fertile clutches

"It plies a bracing, severe tonic both
iterative and terse..."

Why won't the cool air
linger longer? Quick, reassure
me that he doesn't really
believe that
nonsense. A SHAPE-
. . .
The text unexpurgated,
infested, histaminic.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Beasting/Fathomed Leagues

Take the Points

-----Tone it Down

Pioneer of the Nile///General Quarters

Friesan Fire

-----(Luv Gov)


-----(Papa Clem)

*Big Drama*

*Flying Private*

-----(Musket Man)

Mine That Bird


Rachel Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra

Rachel Alexandra.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forms of Smallness

Minutiae, miniature, short, little, diminutive, contracted, spare, compressed, fragmentary, tidy, economical, pithy, minimal,

Limited, weak, vulnerable, hesitant, quiet, silent, hidden, trivial, damaged,


Private, Aloof, withdrawn, demurring, reticent, austere,

Cryptic, elliptical, gnomic, puzzling, riddling, obscure, hermetic,

Sutherland on Stein, on Language

Sutherland on Stein, on Language:

"vivid sudden willful happening"
beau desordre

"the movement and life of ideas as they actually eventuate in writing"

[self-contained, reflexive, devoted, folded-in-upon]

"the very tense and elegant behavior of the syntax"
"meant these lines of verse to be as attenuated and disembodied as drawing of Picabia"

"inveterate sequence and blur of overtones [English] has in normal verse"

Latin serves as "color or pedal"; American-nes: "severity, edigness, what you will"

syntax as diagram, as drawing

dry, tense lines, but sumptuous accumulation


making everything of verbal rudiments, staying with them, making everything of them, living in their sacredness and preciousness; purity, tenderness, and all but religiosity of intention

redressing "debauched language"


Issue is an outflow. Askance is chagrined.
Postponement, imminence, pending, impending.

"Thinking 'til, 'til, 'til you turn a corner and..."

Noticing: "just the mere turning of the head
when something catches your attention," allowing
it to absorb you, even for a moment.

And someone understands Negative Capability
as the capacity to notice some particular thing
as an object
of consideration, of feeling, thought, even of language,
but without quite
evaluating or indexing it, without
quite tagging it with meaning-and-location so that
it accords with some inured pragmatics already
in place. Naming is OK, since it is
gratuitous; to make and use names is not
necessarily to affix meanings or constrain one's
self to the bind of a realist fantasy, nor
does it mean that what you notice is apart
from you forever and unreal, perforce your naming it.

Allowing THE ADVENTITIOUS as such. Full stop on that
for now.


Swirl it and the color will change,
the tone resolve into a desired via media.
We're young and yet we're
keeping track of the ways soft tissue
is already giving out, glitching,
pulling down and away from bone.

These're signs but they're also facts,
every particular source of worry and pain,
periodontal pockets, crow's feet, liver spots.

The Future Beneath Us

so that we can care
for it so it's not before
or beyond us because

we the people are and ought
to be foremost and top
most because even the idea

that time itself is ahead
or in front of us facing us
down is bothersome

unacceptable so that
future is tenable ground
proper object for our genius

our force and past can
be released skyward to
float and to be waved at

because if the future's
beneath us we can fuck
it missionary style

so that we can care for it
because we care for
what lies underneath our care

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The primary is feelings,
glimmers, sport. It's the initial,
disturbances on some ground.

The secondary is the final,
the fact,
the sense of the instant having
two sides. It resists, obstructs,
slaps. The secondary is
things existing,
materials subject to entropy, gravity,
and other laws. Say force.

The tertiary is not third
in a series or hierarchy, but
the absolute, immaterial
mediation of primary and secondary.
It is the meaning, that is, the effect,
of time passing, duration;
that is, it is
continuity and the propensity of things
to learn, take habits, accrue relations.
Call it 'love,' if you like.

Say, 'there is no separation
between mind and matter.'

Say, 'from the moment there are
signs, there is nothing but meaning.'