Friday, March 12, 2010

The Small Thing

A Small Thing lies down
at the edge of an old oak tabletop.
Don't do it, Small Thing, say both
heads of the two-headed ghost
who owns the table. The Small
Thing rolls over anyway
and falls to the floor with a sharp
'clack.' Before they have time to
get upset, the ghost-heads do
some magic and restore
the Small Thing to its place
on the tabletop. But when they
turn around to dust off
a different wooden table that
they also own, the Small Thing
cuts its wrists and its neck
wide open, and a milky fluid spills
out in gushes. When the two-headed
ghost hears the dripping sounds
and finds both the Small Thing and
their oak table ruined beyond
repair, then it does get upset.
Both heads cry and cry and cry.

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