Sunday, March 28, 2010

Partial Inventory of James Castle's Imaginarium

Picture-head boy & hand-face girl

Girl in tan coat w/ gable or landscape face

Two unidentified forms in landscape

Dresser-head man in tan coat & blue hat

Woman w/ wheel feet

Pig-head boy & girl

Girls in purple plaid dresses w/ landscaped heads on bench outdoors

Boy in tan coat & hat w/ blue word-fragment face

Girl in gray dress w/ collaged printed paper bicycle-wheel head

['This little book may help you add years to your life']

Book-head man

Woman flying toward wagon

Five dolls on top of piano

Cat-head woman in purple dress

Chair-head man w/ chair legs

Chair w/ round buttons

Jacket w/ round buttons

Five jackets laid out

Unidentified dark object, w/ shoelace


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