Tuesday, March 9, 2010


German word for "orderly"
(Materialism vs. Idealism, re. 'reality')

places a
drag on the forward

we take a
pleasure in gent-
ly frustrated


remedial hiatuses
A-minus animus


From Eve:
Questions that attach to every texture,
every time it's encountered:
1) How did it get that way?
2) What could I do with it?

Things to remember when making a beautiful thing:
1) Someone somewhere has already made a version of what you're making, but his or her version, you will discover, is much more beautiful and accomplished than yours.
2) The people close-by you don't so much care about that someone else, whose name conjures no person; they are waiting with a special directed attention, in good faith, for just the thing that you will bring forth.

The Make-Over as trope

Stipples & stipulations

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