Thursday, May 7, 2009


The primary is feelings,
glimmers, sport. It's the initial,
disturbances on some ground.

The secondary is the final,
the fact,
the sense of the instant having
two sides. It resists, obstructs,
slaps. The secondary is
things existing,
materials subject to entropy, gravity,
and other laws. Say force.

The tertiary is not third
in a series or hierarchy, but
the absolute, immaterial
mediation of primary and secondary.
It is the meaning, that is, the effect,
of time passing, duration;
that is, it is
continuity and the propensity of things
to learn, take habits, accrue relations.
Call it 'love,' if you like.

Say, 'there is no separation
between mind and matter.'

Say, 'from the moment there are
signs, there is nothing but meaning.'

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