Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heavy Petting

Re. "admitting
the odious facts"

& Re. admission or admissions

Caught in the crook of ________
Calculating relative obscurity
Coping with a Red Wine Stain,
if you know the disfigurement
I mean

Heavy petting, I recall, was forbidden,
thus marked an impossible boundary

Heavy petting is---
no surprise---a matter
of surfaces and---surprise---
a matter of mind
superseding body:
it, the mind, is no longer freely
compositing things and relations
in hearty, meaningful ways,
that is, via trembling perceptual

Heavy petting lets the body go
its way as it wants,
and heavy petting is therefore
transient, healthy, and pernicious
exactly in proportion to how
heavy it is in a given case

To Stephen: "Admit"
To you: "Admit"

That/because the facts strike you as stones
and because you begrudge them that
and because you take pleasure in both
the strickenness and the resentment

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