Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sutherland on Stein, on Language

Sutherland on Stein, on Language:

"vivid sudden willful happening"
beau desordre

"the movement and life of ideas as they actually eventuate in writing"

[self-contained, reflexive, devoted, folded-in-upon]

"the very tense and elegant behavior of the syntax"
"meant these lines of verse to be as attenuated and disembodied as drawing of Picabia"

"inveterate sequence and blur of overtones [English] has in normal verse"

Latin serves as "color or pedal"; American-nes: "severity, edigness, what you will"

syntax as diagram, as drawing

dry, tense lines, but sumptuous accumulation


making everything of verbal rudiments, staying with them, making everything of them, living in their sacredness and preciousness; purity, tenderness, and all but religiosity of intention

redressing "debauched language"

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