Monday, August 2, 2010

List of All Book Titles Within View as a Composite Clue to One Creature's Umwelt

On the Anarchy of Poetry and Philosophy
Semiotics in the United States
The Truth of Poetry
A New Theory for American Poetry
Introducing Semiotics
Figuring the Word
Language and the Distortion of Meaning
Broken English
Regeneration Through Violence
Disjunctive Poetics
The Subject of Semiotics
Connoisseurs of Chaos
The Principles of Art
Radiant Textuality
The Shape of Time
Philosophy in a New Key
Black Riders
Toy Medium
A Natural History of Pragmatism
The American Poetry Wax Museum
Selected Prose, Daybooks, and Papers
The Poetics of the Common Knowledge
Thinking Poetics
The Practice of Everyday Life
The Visible Word
The Gift of Death
The Poetics of Space
The Language of Inquiry
The Varieties of Religious Experience
Radical Vernacular
The Labyrinth of Language
How to Do Things With Words
The Medium is the Massage
The Body in Pain
Some Forms of Availability
Line Break
The Life of Poetry
The Object Stares Back
The Pursuit of Signs
Orality and Literacy
The Resistance to Poetry
The Postmodern Condition
Limited Inc
The Message in the Bottle
Powers of Horror
Economy of the Unlost
Process and Reality
Violence in America
The Disheveled Dictionary
The Pleasure of the Text
Poetry, Language, Thought
This Republic of Suffering
Alone With America
Ferocious Alphabets
Blues People
Language and Myth
Concerning the Spiritual in Art
Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling
On Beauty and Being Just
Poetics of Music
The Gift
Reason, Faith, and Revolution
Making Your Own Days
Minima Moralia
Signposts in a Strange Land
American Oblique
The Shape of a Pocket
Structures, Or Why Things Don't Fall Down
Changes in the Land
History of Shit
Hotel Theory
The Rustle of Language
Conquest of the Useless

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