Friday, August 13, 2010

Coronal Mass Ejection

There was a "viscous, colloidal fog" that temporarily
took the form of a garden.
There were 30 seconds of weightlessness.
There was a burst of light and wind; later, all that remained was
"a mountain of disjointed facts that strain credulity."
(The austral summer is 5 months of no nighttime.)
Someone said "shame will save humanity."

Each was coming from and headed towards something.

The question 'where are we?' is deferred, withheld, for several days.

Each, together, is reading & manipulating signs & objects, always in the shadow of a heaving, menacing thing: force or being.

Each cuts a certain figure socially, appears to be a certain type of person; the signs they present and produce are read according to the nearest familiar type connoted, and then further experiences (additional signs) modify this initial reading---overturn it, refine it, complicate it, and/or cement it.

Each must relive the event via the intensely subjective memory of catastrophe that is lodged like shrapnel in the mind.

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