Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shook Ones

At issue were blankets
of sediment, uplifted---

(our ledger
broke lucky: schist)

In what spirit and to what end

that precisionist fathom, "purged
of anecdotal details"---set off,

we ring out, upend each vendor's
angle, keeping time

Strait-laced, we saw you lovies
opt for gray-scale prating

Instead, to have say
to make known or do
To cast together feathery-
delicate valves-n-portals

"the spur.....the spar.....the slur

purls, mutedly"


Matthew Newton said...

So glad the Fallibilist is back.

Felix said...

thanks, brother!...wheezing, battered, dazed, but yes, back...