Friday, September 3, 2010

Signature Extras

"Every Piece Was His Favorite"
(Whetted drapes, no song, an empire waist.)

"Lost Sea Adventure"
(The ramifications of a radically indeterminate
universe, a materialism of noncoincidence.)

"Anecdotal Evidence of Homesick Mankind"
(" angel hovers above
her pubic bone, and an eye stares out
from one shoulder---")

"In a Gilded World, Theirs Is But to Quip and Sigh"
(Incorrigible, inexorable, incurable: what delicious words.
I find them fatally true, of me and much.)

I'm a nervy angler, an abortive
pugilist: dull-barbed,
hamfisted; a dusty drone
with elan, devious, dervishy; swollen-
tongued communicant,
formalist makeshifter.

I'ma nnvh:
hvvy brvvng

"Enchantment in a Race Against the Clock"

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